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  • @AndrewH72285935 @LeeMBroad @PFEW_HQ And that’s exactly why people like you should become fed Reps then 😃
  • @LeeMBroad @PFEW_HQ 2. I have a mixed view re treasurer and Gen Sec. I’ve not done their job or walked in their shoes nor would I want to, as I know much more to it than what we see. But the finance director role works I think which is a non police role.
  • @LeeMBroad @PFEW_HQ 1. My personal opinion having been a workplace fed rep for 14 years before Branch Chair, Yes I think NB/Chair’s should be workplace reps first. In my case like many others It demonstrated years of commitment. Don’t forget the training invested in me over many years by @PFEW_HQ
  • @CPGBML @Michael45788700 @LondonFBU @fbunational @georgegalloway @The_TUC @FBUManchester @WorkersPartyGB Surely if the persistently successful and battle hardened FBU could represent the police as well as firefighters lots of day shift @PFEW_HQ and Scots fed staff could be freed up for front line duty @CalumA_Steele
  • @cambsfederation @LeeMBroad @PFEW_HQ Nationals main roles was and is pay & conditions. Without that we don’t even have the officers ( retention ) to represent in misconduct and national issues. Pensions is such a massive issue and yet we are still trying to sideline it as only one of things we do ..
  • @cambsfederation @LeeMBroad @PFEW_HQ Liz I think it’s great you have taken the time to engage but I think it’s unfair to say that we have no experience in dealing with that. I’m not a fed rep but have done all of those plus my own experiences don’t discount what’s in the workforce and what they can bring!
  • @LeeMBroad @PFEW_HQ It is totally unfair that everyone else bar the forces can choose which union they like! Someone needs to flag this to @patel4witham to give officers a choice over who represents them. The Fed are all talk (pensions 🤬🤬🤬)
  • @AchingRat @cambsfederation @PFEW_HQ DE in so much that they’re already serving cops but can become local/national chair yes... from outside No. I think the chair should be serving officer, I don’t think that the secretary or treasurer posts need to be.
  • RT: How bad are assaults on police officers & what is the cost to you? What can we start to do about this awful crime? Read my latest piece 4 @ConHome. @PFEW_HQ @BedsPCC @kitmalthouse @BedsPCC @CCGarryForsyth @NadineDorries @AndrewSelous #ProtectTheProtectors https://t.co/2dovQYcPfL

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  • Welcome

  • IPCC now IOPC – what’s in a name?

  • Break

  • Protect the Protectors

    Assaults and Emergency Response Driving

  • Women in Policing Award

  • Lunch

  • Breakouts

  • Break

  • Protecting our Service

    The Demand and Capacity Imbalance

  • Question Time


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Calum  Macleod photo

Calum Macleod

Chair, PFEW

Calum Macleod has been a police officer for 22 years, the fi...
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Ché Donald photo

Ché Donald

Vice-Chair, PFEW

Ché Donald has been a police officer since 2002, serving in...
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Chief Constable Dee Collins

West Yorkshire Police

Chief Constable Dee Collins has been a police officer for 3...
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Chris Bryant

MP for Rhondda

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8 Centenary Square,
B1 2EA

Tel: 0121 644 5025



If you’re driving to the ICC, you’ll have no problems finding us as Birmingham is at the heart of the UK’s motorway networks, close to the M6, M5 and M42. And when you get here, you’ll find parking’s a walk in the park thanks to the thousands of spaces near to our venue. Our closest spaces are at our sister venue Arena Birmingham (King Edward’s Road, B1 2AA).  Mobile payments can be made upon arrival at the Arena car park via www.parkjockey.com/pay, quoting location code 5020.


If you’re jumping on the train you’ll find three stations to choose from, all in the city centre, and all just a short walk from the ICC with New Street Station the closest. And because we’re part of the NEC Group you can get 20% off pre-booked ticket prices thanks to our fantastic partnership with Virgin Trains.


With a wealth of landmarks to view along the way including the impressive Library of Birmingham, walking to the ICC from the city centre offers the most scenic route to the venue. From New Street head up to Victoria Square and follow the signs to Centenary Square, the ICC and Arena Birmingham. Enter Centenary Square and walk straight towards the ICC, passing the stunning Library of Birmingham and Rep Theatre on your right.

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Questions about the conference or exhibiting, contact the Police Federation directly.